Saturday, June 17, 2017

Coming soon to a Cave near you!

15mm Cavemen and dogs from Khurasan, 15mm Cave Bear and Dire Wolves from Splintered Light, all painted by yours truly.  I'll be working out a game soon.  Enjoy!

It's going to be bloody.

Picture with the Canon, meh.

Picture with the iPhone and flash on.  You be the judge.

I like the youths better than the men.  I like the dynamic poses.

Bob Olley sculpts, cool.

Olley again.

Who is going to eat today?
Everything painted real nice for me.  The detail and castings are all good.  Played around with reverse drybrushing (light to dark) and it seemed to work alright for me.

I'm convinced that if I ever want better photos with the Canon i'll need a new lens with a larger aperture.  I can use the lightbox and get better results but I would rather get photos on the game table and have the lightbox packed away or sell it off for that matter.  Honestly if the iPhone ever had an aperture priority setting I think the Canon would almost never see action for miniature photography.  With my current glass the only thing it has going above the iPhone is depth of field were everything is in focus at all depths in the picture.  This group photo (using iPhone) almost achieves it but the women in front are a bit fuzzy.

Hope you enjoyed.  Not sure whats next.  I have some WWII bits i'd like to finish up, a mess of Stuarts, and some pointy headed wizards i'd like to give a go at.  There is also masses of Saga stuff in 28mm I want to do...