Saturday, June 17, 2017

Coming soon to a Cave near you!

15mm Cavemen and dogs from Khurasan, 15mm Cave Bear and Dire Wolves from Splintered Light, all painted by yours truly.  I'll be working out a game soon.  Enjoy!

It's going to be bloody.

Picture with the Canon, meh.

Picture with the iPhone and flash on.  You be the judge.

I like the youths better than the men.  I like the dynamic poses.

Bob Olley sculpts, cool.

Olley again.

Who is going to eat today?
Everything painted real nice for me.  The detail and castings are all good.  Played around with reverse drybrushing (light to dark) and it seemed to work alright for me.

I'm convinced that if I ever want better photos with the Canon i'll need a new lens with a larger aperture.  I can use the lightbox and get better results but I would rather get photos on the game table and have the lightbox packed away or sell it off for that matter.  Honestly if the iPhone ever had an aperture priority setting I think the Canon would almost never see action for miniature photography.  With my current glass the only thing it has going above the iPhone is depth of field were everything is in focus at all depths in the picture.  This group photo (using iPhone) almost achieves it but the women in front are a bit fuzzy.

Hope you enjoyed.  Not sure whats next.  I have some WWII bits i'd like to finish up, a mess of Stuarts, and some pointy headed wizards i'd like to give a go at.  There is also masses of Saga stuff in 28mm I want to do...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

These are the Droids you are looking for

Part Two of my mini diversion using Lego mini-figures.

My imagining of a Separatist Droid Battalion.

Droid Battalion with various Leaders and support units.

Droid Commander and his 2 security droid bodyguards.

The Battalion all equipped with short blasters. I imagine Battle Droids as very binary working in pairs to be most efficent. A battalion includes 2 companies of 2 platoons where each platoon has 2 squads each with 2 teams. 128 Battle Droids per battalion.

Each Droid squad is made up of 2 teams of 8 droids with a leader included (show bottom left).

Super Battle Droids at a supporting ratio of 1:8 vs battle droids. 8 of 16 all with blaster arm.  Why Lego made the left arm the blaster is unknown.  The movies and shows all have them blasting with the right arm.

Grievous, droid-like badness.  I added a cape to him.

A pair of droid scouts. I made a sturdier base for them.

Droid Scouts back.

Dwarf Spider Droid 1 of 2.

Destroyers or Droideka 4 of 8. 1:16 ratio to Droids.

Rocket Droid Scout teams.

Rocket Droid squad with leader included.

Jengo Fett.  I imagine him as having done some dirty work on the outer rim for Dooku between Episode I and II.

Droideka, 4 of 8.  I made the Naboo variant with rear armor plates.

Super Battle Droids. 8 of 16.

Super Battle Droids, 2 per team.

Dwarf Spider Droid 2 of 2.  I copied this second one, ordering up all the needed parts.

A couple of dastardly conspirators.  Sith Count Dooku and dupe Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation.

Homing Spider Droid.  Probably the largest type model I would use in a game.  Anything bigger would be for a scenario.

Droid Battalion. I need another, NO!

WIP Hills

I do have some other support droid stuff that didn't fit in nicely that I may use in the future.  The Rebels will be next.  I'm excited about them because I can use them has Separatists, Rebellion, or The Resistance.  After that I'll finish with classic movies and the Galactic Empire.  I'm not planning on doing The First Order but we'll see how I feel about it as the next movies release.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A mini diversion

Not so much a mini distraction, but a minifigure one!

I've been having a lot of fun with the kids and all things Lego.  I decided to collect some armies to play with.  No painting, no fuss, loving this.

Here's mostly a photo dump.  I'll have more to share in the future.

Clone Trooper Platoon

Lieutenant Flux and Sergeant Rip enter the field with a couple of ubiquitous Jedi.

Yellow Squad. 1st of 3 squads.

Typical Squad Sergeant.

Red Squad 2nd of 3. Each squad is made of up 2 fire teams of 5 clones and a Sergeant. I've indicated the teams as black and brown for each squad.
Typical Fire Team. Team leader with a short blaster, 2 clones with blaster rifles, a clone with a repeating blaster, and a clone with a portable missile launcher.

Typical Fire Team back. Team member with backpack carries fuel for the repeating blaster. Portable missile launcher clone is also equipped with a long range radio antennea and spare short blaster.

Blue squad 3rd of 3, typical.

Heavy Repeating Blaster Team; support from the weapons platoon.

Heavy Repeating Blaster team back. Spare small blaster for the gunner.

Heavy Portable Missile Launcher Team from the weapons platoon.

Heavy Portable Missile Launcher Team back. Extra missiles carried by clone team member.

A little terrain for the battlefield, a henge.

A transmission dish.

Jungle Hill.

Energy Collector.
That's all for now.  Droids will be up next.