Monday, October 14, 2013

Blogging Failure

Two Years since I last made a post!  That's nothing to be proud of, oh well life sure gets in the way of gaming sometimes.  I couldn't be more blessed though with a wonderful wife who supports my hobby, two healthy children, and a new house (one year old to me) with a great game space.  Now that the madness of moving is mostly over I can spend some time on hobbies.  It's not easy moving a family and house full of stuff after being in the same one for 11 years.

I've stayed with Flames of War in spite of a few setbacks over the years.  I've continued working on my US forces and added a lot of German stuff since I started this weak excuse for a blog.  I intend to somewhat catch up the blog with some recent stuff over the next while and make an effort to have some regular content. 

I have been making a few posts of my painting efforts over at WWPD on my personal painting log and in the terrain building section.  Though I do appreciate the medium they do provide I would like to adapt my reporting more along the lines of Anatoli, where he posts a quick preview and links to the full article on his site.

So in contrast to reporting on my painting efforts I'll just share one quick photo on some things I nabbed that are pre-painted.  

Both of these Battlefield in a Box sets are out of production to my knowledge so I think they were a rare find.  I can't wait to do Normandy again next year and I am now well equipped with fortifications to revisit Cassino when Battlefront releases their forthcoming late war Italy compilation.  I also have enough dragons teeth now to do some Siegfried line stuff for the Battle of the Bulge or the next western allies push into Germany book.

Until the next, Cheers!

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