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In this installment of Move, Shoot, Assault I'm sharing my latest platoon in finished form.  It's a US 105mm Field Artillery Battery.

Field Artillery Battery in Action
A quick web search will reveal dearths of information on the M2A1 Howitzer.  I found one of the most interesting facts was the production of the gun began in 1941.  In the nick of time.  Typical of most artillery it had long range capabilities.  12,325 yards or 7 miles.  If Flames of War wasn't so much about painting and showcasing our armies there would rarely be a place for this unit on the table in a company level game.
"I will destroy you with this clipboard and radio! Muawahahahaha!"
In game terms and list compiling I think the battery has an interesting role.  I think it is seldom out of place in a list.  I like to analyze its value and capability in comparison to mortars.  The changes to V3 made mortars more effective, which is awesome, but I think had an unintended consequence of reducing the frequency of medium howitzer (AT4 FP4+) artillery use.  The heavy artillery (AT5 FP2+) has gained popularity because of new availability in later war briefings again diminishing the presence of 105's.

When it comes to ranging in I think the mortar is better with it's re-roll on the first attempt but, US mortars don't get a dedicated observer or jeep.
"Be very quiet, were hunting wabbit."

"If only my Overlord could get this jeep in the game I'd get to use these cool binoculars."
On the other hand, unlike mortars, having a staff team allows you to get a 'Ranged In' marker making these guys potentially more accurate over multiple game turns.  The staff team also delivers the hated 'Time on Target' barrage along with uber multiple battery combining mayhem.

"But seriously lieutenant, we are winning the war."
You can also use an Annoying Observation Plane (AOP) with the staff team capitalizing on its longer range to strike at most targets on a typical game table.  If you are on the attack having a ranged in marker and 4+ firepower is nice but again, not necessarily better than mortars with 3+ firepower.  If I was running a trained army I'd be thinking about mortars first and these guys second and mainly for smoke bombardments.  If veteran I might take a shot at some armored vehicles but leave the smoke duty to mortars.

They do different things in different ways.  Let's discuss it.  Join in, follow the blog, and drop a comment.

The models are Battlefront's boxed set with sculpted resin bases which I very much enjoyed painting.  Someday I might actually have to pick a small platoon and actually try to paint the faces.  Enjoy the rest of pictures!

Howitzers 1 & 2
"Pull my finger."
"..barrel of a gun, son of a gun, son of a b...."
Howitzers 3 & 4
"Would you guys pipe down?! I'm trying to make a call!"
"Damn this is loud!"
"Fire for effect!
The only reason you kept looking...
I'd love for you to follow the blog.  Next up will be my second and more successful attempt at making barbed wire.  Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned.

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