Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Getting in the (Bolt) Action Part 2

I finished up these Americans last fall, took the pictures a couple months ago, and am finally getting around to posting them.  They are the opposing force to the my Fallschirmjager.

I've played around a half dozen or so games of Bolt Action now with them and it's proving fun.  I haven't figured out how to win the Germans yet.  The Americans always seem to pin the Germans into oblivion.  I am definitely in the club that machine guns are poorly rated in the game.  Machine guns are not significantly better than more riflemen.

I'll keep playing Bolt Action but am looking forward to using the forces with Battlegroup Overlord, Chain of Command, and Flying Lead.

Here they are.  I'm not bothering with the Bolt Action points as I see their future in other games as well.  Presented here in TO&E format.

Platoon Command

1st Squad 1st Platoon

Thompson equipped NCO and BAR gunner included, typical of all 3 squads.
2nd Squad 1st Platoon

One order die for Bolt Action, its a bit of a weakness for the game.

3rd Squad 1st Platoon

Chain of Command and Battlegroup split these guys into 2 elements effectively.  They manage it differently in the rules but get a result where you can achieve fire and maneuver more elegantly than another action die.

Rounding out the platoon assets are the sniper team and bazooka team.

The extra man on the sniper team cannot take a rifle in Bolt Action so I just pay for an SMG as the closest option.

Showing the removable 2nd man of the team.

A number of Company assets have been assigned to this platoon by the company commander.

Company Command Team.  A captain and his carbine equipped staff.  I'll be turning him into a Battalion commander later as a CO should have a carbine.

Those assets include a .30 caliber machine gun from the weapons platoon.

My best processed picture in this batch.  Still struggling a lot with lighting and exposure.

Show with removable man.  If the loader eats it i'll need to mark it with a die or token.

and a 60mm mortar team.

Sorry for the focus, too lazy to retake.

Casualty markers as typical.
Considering the high priority of any action this force is assigned to they are also hosting an observer team from Division.  I can use this model for an artillery observer or air support liaison officer in Bolt Action.

Fire for Effect!

Here it is all together.

I really need to get a different background to take the photos with.  All green makes for a lot of issues with processing the RAW photos.

After playing a number of games I am wondering if 15mm might be a little too "fiddley".  It hasn't stopped me from preparing another platoon and support for both forces to paint.  If I wasn't so committed terrain wise to 15mm I would seriously consider 20mm.

Here is the whole batch in it's storage box with a couple tanks to go with them.

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  1. Looking good there, 15mm does feels maybe too small with single minís, thinking to do my zombies with something bigger.