Monday, October 3, 2016

T-64 Battalion

I finished up my Cold War era Soviet Tank Battalion consisting of 32 Tanks.  I painted up 5 of them as a test a while back and decided to go ahead and complete the force.  They are from GHQ and they are 1:285 scale (6mm).

I'm not excited about the photography.  I think they look better in person.  I used my new Foldio2 to shoot some of these shots.  It definitely helped with the lighting issue I've had.  I'll probably need to tone it down a bit because I think I over exposed them.  Where it did help a ton is there is little to no color correcting required when you have adequate white light.  I've also picked up a second light for the light box.  With that I should be able to provide more back lighting.  Perhaps they are not as bad as I think because they are after all TINY.  My lens is also the cheapest piece of glass that came with the Canon and not suited for up close at all.  Santa Macro maybe?

1st Company (Typical)
2nd Company (Typical)
There should be a picture of 3rd company in here next but it seems I got interrupted and failed to finish shooting the last one.  No matter its like the other 2.

Here is the Battalion commander and another higher command long range radio equipped tank.  I used the thinnest wire I had to make the antennae supports.  It should be obvious its a game piece and not a scale model of that.

Here is the whole force.  All the turrets are magnetized and they are based on 1 inch washers.  I'm using different tufts to delineate the officers.

I'm planning on picking up a company of Abrams and a bunch of US and Soviet aircraft on Black Friday.  From there I will develop a simple set of shoot em up rules and a couple scenarios.  I may even just call them T-72's and use them for Team Yankee.

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