Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vasilly Half-Track

I finally completed the recovery vehicle for my early war German panzerkompanie.  This Sd Kfz 9 has been in the works for nearly 6 years.  I bought it shortly after Blitzkrieg was released in 2010!

Broken left front fender shipped that way.  Didn't know any better back in 2010.  Nowadays, I'd definitely be asking for a replacement model.

I've had it mostly painted for years but I never put the driver in and I always thought it was too plain and generic.  After years of collecting various models I finally felt I had enough baggage to finish it off properly.

The barrels are Battlefront, but I forget what kit, perhaps the Famo itself, driver came with the vehicle, a passenger from a Battlefront motorcycle crew, stolen bicycle and tire pile from Peter Pig, barbed wire from Gale Force 9 (Battlefront), and box and fuel can from Baueda.

I'm glad I waited to finish it because the extra crewman and the stowage makes it worth looking at.

I put little effort into faces at this scale (15mm).  They get a flesh wash and that's about it.  The driver didn't really pick up any depth, oh well.  Perhaps I'll go back and fix his face a bit, then again, nah...

It seems my days of finishing complete units and entire companies is behind me for the present time.  I'll need to take satisfaction in filling a few holes in the collection.

So there you have it, as I like to refer to him as: Vasilly Half-Track.  Why Vasilly?  Well, its silly big!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great looking model! The chipped left fender must be "battle" damage.


  2. Good job! Lots of goodies to look at - love the Bike!


  3. Very nice. I have had one painted up for a while but is plain in comparison. Love the stowage.
    Hasty attack