Thursday, January 4, 2018

Angry Saxons

I started working on some Anglo-Saxons for Saga and here is my first unit (1 point) of warriors painted up and ready for battle.  All are Patton sculpts, seven from Gripping Beast's Viking Age range.  A mix of Saxons, Danes, and Vikings I believe.  The guy with braids is a Saxon Miniature now owned by Warlord.

The freemen of Wessex
These guys are Ceorls or freemen.  I've painted them up to be drab for the most part.  I find that people paint Viking Age stuff way too colorful.  When I get to the Hearthguard and Warlord I'll be adding more colors to represent rarer and more expensive cloth.  The shields are hand painted.  I hoped that they would make the force look unified.  I plan to decorate the bases later when I have more units done.

The photos are all with my iphone6 with typical editing for color and light corrections on the same screen, highlights mainly.  I just did a bunch of remodeling in my game room so I hope to get my lightbox and Canon back in action in the near future.

I'm pretty happy with them.  I learned A LOT painting them.  I haven't painted much 28mm so they were a real challenge for me.  There were three things that were very useful for me when painting them.

First a Color Wheel.

They are readily available and inexpensive on Amazon or a local craft store such as Michael's in the US.  I did not use the mixing side much as most of the modern paint ranges have a pretty good selection of colors to make triads and or layers.  I use Vallejo mainly along with a few Reaper Master Series paints and the Games Workshop washes.  I used the other side to select colors so I could achieve schemes that were complementary and pleasing to the eye.  A $5 tool most everyone should have in their kit.

Second was the Dark Age color palette from 1000 Foot General

Thank you! Awesome resource.  I found that some of the colors were maybe off a bit, but it was a great place to start.  I struggled with a soft yellow.  I'll be working on that again in a future unit.

Third and last was Painting War #7 by Albero Mateos.  Available from Northstar.

Great resource.  Some of the paint schemes are insane the number of layers used.  I'll admit I skipped some layers.  Really helpful on a lot of things.  If you want to go beyond tabletop standard I think this will help.  I hope I achieved something a bit nicer than tabletop.

Here's a little video I did of them for fun.

It will be a while before I'm ready for Saga but in the meantime I hope to use them on the tabletop playing Blood Eagle.

Thanks for peeking in.  Be sure to leave a comment if you liked them or hated them.  All criticisms are welcome.



  1. Excellent! I really like your colour choices & style of painting.

  2. Great work- the more naturalistic colours look much better imo.



  3. Thanks folks for looking and commenting.