Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mice and Mystics Rats!

I decided to give Mice and Mystics a go.

I read a good review on WWPD which piqued my interest.  I researched the game on the manufacturers website and was pleasantly surprised to find additional content in the way of expansions.  Boardgame Geek gives it a 7.5 of 10. The final clincher for me was when one of my wargame buddies said his daughter had little interest in the game at first but once he painted up all the miniatures she loved it and can't play it enough.

Besides all that I am a lifelong fan of Ancient History, Mythology, and Fantasy.  Role-playing games were a big part of my youth.  This really speaks to me.

I've got a soon to be 7 year old so I am racing to paint up the figures by her February birthday.

Here are the first batch of baddies. Rats!

That's it for now, my short update style I talked about recently.  If you like or hate them be sure to leave a comment, add my blog to your reader, or check out the full website as I build that out.



  1. I like the update, I also like longer ones too!

    Rats look great. Have been eyeballing that game after the WWPD review myself also. Looking forward to seeing what more you'll have to say on it.

    1. Thank you, I'll make a point to post up a review after I get a chance to play it.