Friday, January 29, 2016

Greedy Cockroaches!

I got the next batch of baddies ready for my Mice and Mystics project.

Challenging little vermin.  They are very flat miniatures and the sculpting and molding not as nice as the rats.

I had a devil of a time figuring out how I wanted to paint them but decided to go with as high of contrast as possible.  First I searched Google for cockroach images and selected a couple as examples.  Many were surprisingly quite yellow so I went with that look.

I'm not very good with color and without some help and some cheating tools I'd be totally lost.  I probably like painting World War II figures so much because its sort of paint by numbers with all the great reference material and tutorials out there.  Lifelike or Fantasy I have to really think about it.

I have this Saga project that has been brewing for a long time that completely terrifies me with all the period appropriate fabric decisions I will need to make.  That apprehension lead me to make this some time ago.

Its a piece of sheet metal in a picture frame.  On it I have primed and painted nearly every Vallejo color I have on a small Flames of War base and put a piece of magnetic sheet on the back.  Looking at the paint bottles or an online reference sheet was not working for me so I went with this.  Now I can just grab a few bases I think would look good together and play around with them like this.

Now I can make my own triads (and more) up.

I made one for my Reaper paints as well.

If you wanted to do something similar I would recommend getting thick (3mm+) bases from Litko or the like instead of the FoW bases.   Its what I had on hand.

I also have one of these color wheels that can be found online or at any of the hobby/craft stores.

These are pretty helpful figuring out pleasing color schemes for fantasy or historical miniatures.  House of Paincakes did a whole series of posts last year on color theory that is very informative and you should check out if you are stumped by color choices like me.

So using those tools I got the roaches finished up.

In the end I messed with them too much and spent too much time on them.  I also decided that I really don't like the sculpt.  Something about how flat they are.  I think if the front leg was positioned forward they would be more appealing.  As they are, I really had to exaggerate the eyes or they looked backwards to me.  I kept looking at them thinking the tail end was the front.

Once again if you like them or hate them or have a suggestion to do them differently leave a comment.  Please add me to you feed reader and keep looking in.

Happy hobbying!

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