Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I finished up the next monster for Mice and Mystics.  It's the Centipede and he's very large compared to the mice heroes I'll be getting to next week (cross my fingers).  I found this picture on a Google search and liked it as the model for my painting.

I ended up with this.

You might notice the base is slightly warped.  There are definitely some limitations to plastic miniatures and that's one example.  I did clean up a few mold lines but they are present and I didn't feel compelled to fix everything on them.

The bug is pretty big.  I've pictured it here with a Reaper 28mm figure along with the other baddies.  Certainly a large foe in 28mm and gigantic in smaller scales.  I think the ratman would be oddly proportioned as a 28mm monster.  Perhaps a were-rat Champion?

Next up is the spider, I hope to have it done by the weekend.  The deadline is next Friday, argh!  I hate rushing myself, it takes the enjoyment out of it.  Hopefully the kid's reaction will make up for all the late nights I expect next week with the mice.

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