Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Mice

I finished Maginas and Tilda for the Mice and Mystics Project.  Both rather challenging when it came to painting the cloth.  My normal process is to base coat with my middle color, drybrush a highlight, followed by a Vallejo black wash mixed with the base color.  After that I go back in and drybrush/re-layer in the highlight color and one brighter.

The brown wash turned out super dark and obliterated the highlights.  I had to layer back the whole thing.  I think I lost a lot of depth but I called it good enough.  3 Layers just really does not do it.  If you want a nice layer effect with good depth and shadow I think you need to have 5 or so layers for it to work nicely.

After the brown experience I knew that using any kind of dark wash on Tilda's white palette would be ruinous.  I decided to forgo the wash altogether and layered the whole thing up ultimately using 4 to 5 layers on the cloth and 6 layers on the fur.  I wanted the fir lighter than the cloth so I used the last 2 whites for that.  I wish I had achieved better depth (3 layers used) on the purple hood but its not too bad.  Its not nearly as important as getting the white (the dominant color) to look decent.  Here is the palette used.

The first three and last are Reaper Master Series Paints and I thought they were excellent.  I had way less issues with the pigment separating when thinned as compared to Vallejo.  Sometimes when building up layers using thinned paints I get a hard edge on the layer when it dries.  Its especially prevalent the lighter the color I am layering with. I must be thinning too much.  Either I am getting better or the Reaper paints don't separate as much.  I think the paints had a lot to do with it, I like them. I will use more of them and if my suspicion is true will be collecting more.

Though I continue to have issues with photography here they are:

I could never figure out what Maginas is holding with his tail.  I decided it was an hourglass in keeping with some of the game material so I tried to paint it as such.  Perhaps it will be revealed whilst playing.

Be sure to drop a comment if you like or hate them and please add me to your blogs followed.  I'll be checking in next week with Lily.

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